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Friday, February 16, 2007

Jeff Sackmann Ranks The Farm Systems — And It's Not Kind To The Angels

Jeff Sackmann comes up with a novel way to rank farm systems, based on OPS (for both pitchers and hitters). The Dodgers come out on top — but shockingly, the Angels ended up 21st, the only ranking system I've seen that has them in the bottom half.

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Why is it that shocking when it uses a stat that the Angels' system doesn't focus on?
Well, more importantly I think his method is deeply flawed. Regardless of whether the Angels believe in voodoo, I don't see his focus on OPS as a primary tool for determining success as workable in terms of overall farm system health. Often times, you can end up with a farm system full of 28- and 30-year-old filler that just mashes AAA pitching. And maybe they're 4-A type players. But they're never going to be major league contributors.
Of course it is more important that his methodology is probably deeply flawed (I just sort of assumed it is). I just thought that it shouldn't be so shocking when the Angels end up on the bottom half of a statistic they don't focus on. It would be like ranking the A's by steals and sacrifice bunts and then being shocked they end up at the bottom.

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