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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Madam, I'm Tommy: Lasorda's Name Turns Up In Prostitution Ring

Jody "Babydol" Gibson (and that nickname looks weirdly like some kind of cross between a nightie and a date-rape drug) was busted for running a prostitution ring eight years ago, but her books were sealed at the time, protecting her rich and famous clientele. Not any more:
In "Secrets of a Hollywood SuperMadam," an autobiography due in bookstores Thursday, Gibson names two dozen celebrities she says patronized her call-girl service.

Many of the names also appear in her phone books, a payment log and other records from the case that have been unsealed by Los Angeles Superior Court and can now be viewed in unredacted form.

A review of the court file shows that Gibson listed actor Bruce Willis; former Dodgers Manager Tom Lasorda; Steve Jones, the Sex Pistols guitarist and KDLE-FM (103.1) radio jock; and the late film producer Don Simpson, among others.

Willis and Lasorda said through their lawyers that they never used Gibson's service and had no idea why their names appeared in her records. They accused Gibson of exploiting their fame to boost her book sales.

"I have never heard of this woman and don't know why she would accuse me of something like this," Lasorda said in a statement issued by his attorney, Tony Capozzola. "But if she prints these lies, I intend to sue."

Now, it is possible that somebody gave her Lasorda's phone number as a guy who knows good lasagne. But if I'm Lasorda, I keep my mouth shut on this one. Suing her just drags the thing out further.


You just love to write nasty things about successful people, don't you? Almost every post you write contains an insult of someone. It would be nice once in a while to read something nice.
Well, Anon, if you scan down a bit, say to the next article or two, you'll notice Rob's said nice things about the Dirtbags and about David Eckstein. I also happen to think the bio of Preacher Rowe had a nice thing or two in it. Would you have him ignore the bad? I assure you, if what you want is a rose colored glasses view of the world, or of the Dodgers and Angels, Rob isn't the person to provide the colorizing for you.

This site is about the Dodgers, and Lasorda has been parading about town as the face of the Dodgers for a couple of decades now. When someone says something of note about him in print, it usually gets linked here. And, if you didn't notice, most of what was bad that was said was in the quoted part, not Rob's actual writing.
Anon -- your spelling and punctuation were perfect! Gold star for you!
Anon should blame the editorial staff at the Los Angeles Times, since they're the ones who decided to run the story. Or perhaps Anon should direct his or her vitriol to the notorious Ms. Gibson.
Rob, note that - in a conversation we had a year or so back, I pointed out that the LA TImes bent over backwards to avoid mentioning that Lasorda's son died of AIDS.

Well, once again, the fix is in for their buddy Tommy - note that he is called TOM in the article throughout, whereas he is only referred to as TOMMY anywhere else in the paper since he got promoted from Albuquerque to teh coaching staff in the mid-70s.

Oh, and to anonymous: the "successful" in our society are the powerful and if they are not held in check by a free press that power will crush the rest of us. A good kick in the shins on occasion reminds thm all that their shit stinks too...
Rev: must be a different Lasorda, then!

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