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Saturday, March 31, 2007

First Impressions Of The New Dodger Stadium Parking Situation

First impressions of the new Dodger Stadium parking situation from Chris Foster at the Times (all added emphasis mine):
"I didn't see any difference, just more people out there in green shirts and $5 more to park," said Juan Escobar, who lives in Los Angeles. "That was the plan? I could do that."

Those interviewed said that parking took about the same amount of time as it used to, though many said there was added stress from being micromanaged by attendants lining up cars. "It's like a theme park," Escobar said. "It doesn't feel right."

It didn't to [Tom] Leba, who was accustomed to getting a spot behind the left-field pavilion to make it easier on him and his [wheelchair-bound] wife.

"I would take her to her seat, then bring the wheelchair back. How can I do that from out there?" Leba said as his wife repeatedly told him, "Let's just go home."

This doesn't sound good, especially considering the fact that only 29,841 showed up to Thursday's game, about 54% of capacity. Further, it appears that the Dodgers are telling everyone — including people with handicap stickers/license plates — that they have to park in lots adjacent where they came into the park, rather than directing them to the handicap stalls closer in. Despite the official pronunciamentos of Dodger brass, the parking lot staff was telling one handicapped woman that she had to buy season ticket parking (at $20 per stall) to park there.

(Dear Frank: that's what they call a PR disaster, just so you know. Better have one of your handlers deal with it.)

Also, the Dodgers have nobody directing traffic at the end of the game, opposite the situation we had last year with parking Nazis who wouldn't even let me drive Helen to her car when we had to go in separate vehicles.

All told, it sure sounds like I won't be going to as many Dodger games as in years past.

Update: The Dodgers house organ says of traffic on the same night,

In any event, from what I've heard, the parking lot cleared faster last night than any time in recent memory, so hopefully some of you experienced that. I'm sure there will still be some growing pains, but I'm glad that many people are giving this a chance to work.
Talk about radically opposed viewpoints...


Oh, if that is how it's gonna be at Dodger Stadium, I don't want to go to any games at all - I'll even consider not going to the Cubs games in May!! The price change alone is enough to make me not want to go, but if I can't park where I want to park, screw 'em.
At the start of the game last night, the parking attendents were funneling cars into one section to the point where people were just driving in square-like circles around the same group of parked cars for a few minutes.

I managed to fit in a snug spot between a monster pickup truck and a Camry. I'm rather thin and was barely able to squeeze out of my car.

The attendents were just yelling at each other, which made everyone looked confused and unprofessional.

I'm parking outside the lot next time.
Matt Kemp was named to the 25 man roster. Bigbie is gone, either opting out or on the way to AAA.

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