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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pickoff Moves

Today's Birthdays

Brad Clontz LAN b. 1971, played 1998

Darren Holmes LAN b. 1966, played 1990

Tony Phillips CAL,ANA b. 1959, played 1995, 1997

Ken Tatum CAL b. 1944, played 1969-1970

The Non-Joy Of Six: Giants 5, Dodgers 3

Nine hits, four strikeouts, three walks, a balk (which proved harmless), and a home run marked a sub-par performance from Derek Lowe. Dave Roberts hit the homer, and so the moveable object found the resistable force. Lowe will do this from time to time, and thus the Giants extend their win streak to six games.

Russell Martin continued his stretch of bad defense, committing his fourth error of the season when he threw away a pickoff toss to center while trying to nab Dave Roberts steal second. Roberts then scored on Rich Aurilia's RBI single. As much attention as has been lavished — deservedly — on Martin's bat, he seems to have a rusty glove. Balls are sailing on him, or something.

The Dodgers tried to make it interesting in the bottom of the eighth, but Luis Gonzales squelched that rally in a big hurry when he grounded into a double play. It's not my imagination: Gonzales is tied for third in the National League in hitting into double plays, though three is still an awfully small number. Still, he seems primed for that kind of a year. Minus speed, minus adequate power, the opposition's 4-6-3 play ought to get a lot of work.

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