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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Mark Of Zambrano: Cubs 4, Dodgers 2

Faced with the prospect of installing Jeff Kent against Will Ohman (lifetime 0-2 with a walk in three plate appearances) or leaving in Luis Gonzalez (4-6 in 7 PA with a home run) with the bases loaded and two out in the bottom of the eighth, Grady Little called for Kent. Small sample sizes don't mean much, but I dunno. I would have left in Gonzo, who was 1-for-3.

Carlos Zambrano pitched one of his best games of the year, and maybe that's because he started with Henry Blanco as his batterymate. With Hank White behind the dish, Z has a .763 OPS against; with more offensively-minded Michael Barrett, that number rockets to an enormous .924.

Hendrickson continued his slide. There's nothing more to say that hasn't been said; Dodger management needs to get somebody else in the rotation, pronto, whether it's Billingsley (who pitched well in this game in relief) or Kuo (down in AAA stretching himself out to start starting soon, we hope).

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