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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pickoff Moves, Lunchtime Edition

Dan Evans, Astros GM?

Richard Justice in the Houston Chronicle seems to think so:
Evans knows personnel, and more importantly, he has been around winning organizations. He knows how to construct one. He knows how to put a productive minor league system together.

He was dismissed after two years in Los Angeles when ownership asked him to make Draconian cuts in their player development system. In those two years, he brought in some of the best scouting and development people in the game.

The franchise's overall talent level increased from 28th to first in that time. The core of young talent the Dodgers are running out there today is a tribute to the work done by Evans. And he did something else in his short time on the job. He surrounded himself with around a dozen former managers and general managers.

That leaves me just about speechless. Clearly, in at least one market, Dan Evans' career timeout is over with, especially when a major metropolitan newspaper writes so glowingly about a GM who wasn't even on the deck when his team made the postseason (and still did remarkably little once there). Either Justice hasn't been paying much attention or is in "anybody-but-the-incumbent" mode, which, according to a co-worker who is a big Astros fan, wouldn't be too hard to understand. Now, I'm as big a defender of Evans as you'll find on this planet, and even I am not of the opinion that the 2004 team that won the division was exclusively his doing. The real question is: will Evans be allowed to wear pink polo shirts without the local media trashing him?

(Via BTF.)

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