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Friday, August 31, 2007

Pickoff Moves

Don't Take It Personally, Padres — David Wells Doesn't

You're in the Dodgers now
And not the team down south...

“How strange is this?” Wells admitted Wednesday morning via telephone from Dodger Stadium. “Obviously, there are some mixed emotions.

“I had intended to end my career as a Padre. Instead, I'm going to try to . . . I have a job to do.

“But, hey, after we're done . . . they're my friends. I wish them well. But not against us, and I'm a Dodger now. We've got to beat the Padres and move on. It's baseball. Next year, hey, I'll probably be a fan of the Padres again.”

The City Of Anaheim's Lawlessness

Looks like Arte Moreno and the city of Anaheim are once again about to lock horns, this time over development in the Angels Stadium parking lot:
The 53-acre site, which is on the outskirts of the lot and includes the Grove theater,had been used in an attempt to attract an NFL team. But the city recently gave exclusive development rights to Archstone-Smith and Hines, a nationally known builder that has proposed incorporating 1,100 apartments into a project that also could include offices, hotels, shops and entertainment venues.

The city owns the property, but the Angels hold a lease that forbids housing on the site. Sources said the sale price of reportedly more than $150 million could increase by about $50 million if the city persuaded Moreno to waive that restriction.

In a July 23 meeting with Moreno, city officials presented Archstone's vision for the site. Moreno expressed concern that the project would infringe upon the Angels' lease rights regarding parking, ease of access to the stadium and views of the park from neighboring streets and freeways. Moreno also objected to the presence of City Atty. Jack White at the meeting.

If the Angels have it in writing that their lease forbids that construction, the city's case appears to be mighty weak. Retribution?

The Team To Beat: Diamondbacks 8, Padres 7

A one-sided shutout for the Snakes through six suddenly got interesting late; Pads starter Chris Young just had nothing, his third game of his last four in which he surrendered four or more runs. He failed to make it out of the fifth while giving up five runs. Milton Bradley hit a dramatic solo homer against Snakes' closer Jose Valverde in the bottom of the ninth to bring the score to within one, but that was it for the Pads, who fall a game back of Arizona for the division crown, with the Dodgers four games back, and three games out of the wild card. The Dodgers are also a behind suddenly resurgent Philadelphia (two games back of the Pads), who just completed a four-game sweep of the Mets to make both the Wild Card and NL East races that much more interesting.

Yahoo Box

Rangers Extend Ron Washington

Though I'm not sure why; I guess they figure he's expendable at the price.

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i just can't figure out the city of Anaheim. as if antagonzing the Angels wasn't enough, they are currently battling an even bigger source of revenue for them, the Walt Disney Corporation, over how to develop a parcel of land in the resort district. This parcel if developed as Disney wants, would bring in much more revenue to the city, but the city is sidding with a developer that wants to put in some "affordable" hosing units.

Was John McLaren recently voted to Anaheim's city council??
I like to think of them as the Wile E. Coyote of city councils.
Rob, I just noticed that Chad Billingsley (LAD) has a blog over on Yardbarker (same place where John Lackey also posts).

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When does the Angels stadium lease expire... I believe it's 2016? The city is antagonizing Arte into building his own facility somewhere else in OC.....
Maybe not even OC. If Anaheim keeps this up, they may find themselves with a baseball stadium and no professional baseball team to play in it.

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