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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Walks Lead To Losses, Losses Lead To September Exits: A's 2, Angels 1

Somebody wake Scioscia up: Escobar needs to knock off with the walking leadoff batters. Too late now, they've lost this one, and no small thanks to yet another series of crappy plays, including a botched 3-6-1 would-be double play that should have gotten Escobar out of the seventh.

The Angels will be watching this postseason from the sidelines. They're screwing up the small stuff, losing close games, and powerless and/or incompetent at at the plate.

Update: Just embarrassing. .500 WPCT since July 16.

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Not THAT embarrassing. Heck, the vaunted Red Sox, the team that has been #1 in most power polls the majority of the season, were 13-14 during the month of June.
well you at least have the Dodgers to console you and watch the coming months - at 2 games back with two teams ahead of them, they're in much better shape here on Aug 3rd.
You should'nt give up on your team so easily. You know every team goes through these stretches. No other AL West teams have what it takes to win it.

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