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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pickoff Moves

Comatose: Rangers 3, Angels 1

The junior varsity squad showed up for this one, and with predictable results. Dustin Moseley pitched pretty well, but Darren Oliver took the loss, deservedly, for pushing the tying run across on a balk with men on second and third. Jeez.

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OT: How Desegregation Should Have Gone Down

Brown v. Board of Education is the much more famous case; eventually it led to the Little Rock Nine and the jackass Orville Faubus riling up the easily stirred. But Westminster, the city across the street from the one in which I grew up, provided a far less stressful example of how to deal with integration, and now the Postal Service is issuing a commemorative stamp for Mendez v. Westminster, one of the rulings that paved the way for Brown. No dogs or firehoses necessary.

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