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Monday, October 15, 2007

Bill Stoneman Resigns As Angels GM

CBS News is reporting that Bill Stoneman has resigned as Angels GM. This has not been confirmed by the team, but the Angels are expected to move player development director Tony Reagins to the GM chair. Also via the Times.

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I'm grateful for the consistent success that marks the Stoneman era, but ready for a more aggressive approach when it comes to player acquisition. I don't know enough about Tony Reagins to anticipate what kind of GM he'll be, but I'm wary that as a former Farm Director, he'll share Stoneman's propensity to fall in love with prospects and hold onto them well beyond their peak trade value. Or perhaps as the former Farm Director, he'll be open to dealing prospects with the confidence that his scouting staff can re-stock the system year after year after year.
The overall tenor of my view on this is, to the anti-Stoneman crowd, be careful what you wish for.

Without going into excruciating detail, the fact is that Stoneman has been at the helm for the most successful era in franchise history, and has is certainly not leaving the cupboard bare. It will be quite an accomplishment if his successor can match his run.

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