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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Catching Up

Various and sundry... I've been busy with other things this week, and baseball has slipped my attention a bit.

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Re newspapers in general: Rob, do you watch The Wire?

Re Vicente Padilla: nah, too easy.

Why the Rangers traded Edinson Volquez (not much of a prospect, but still intriguing) for another bat (Josh Hamilton) is anyone's guess. It would be the equivalent of the Halos trading Juan Rivera for a slick-fielding, weak-hitting shortstop (in that vein, some have suggested that the Angels are interested in Clint Barmes of the Rockies, which is not the least bit credible).
Hey Rob, Congratulations on the Dirtbags beating the crap out of my team, the Hawaii Rainbows. We're the top 15's favorite doormat apparently, with losses to No. 1 Arizona St and No. 8 Michigan and now a sweep by Long Beach State. We're a young team and I'm hoping this brutal schedule helps us in the long run. That kid Vance Worley is terrific. i saw him pitch Saturday and he was very impressive.
Yeah, I saw that. I came in on Sunday evening to the Dirtbags' website and for some reason there wasn't a story on the Saturday game, which led me to believe they lost that game, it had been rained out, etc. I was shocked to see they had subsequently swept. They're a good team but I think they're playing a little over their heads right now.
jjack -- Volquez was running out of chances even in the Texas organization. His command continued to be spotty (from memory), and I think they wanted a piece they could use now. As for the outfielder part, have you seen their outfield? Mush and mush. Volquez wasn't going to help the Rangers near-term, so from that point of view I understand it ... but I also kind of agree with you that pitching should have been higher priority.
And no, I don't watch (I almost wrote, "read") "The Wire".
Well, you missed a fantastic dramatic series. Better than The Sopranos.

The final season focused on the media, specifically newspapers.

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