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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Roster Notes

The "Final Severing Of The Umbilical Cord With Brooklyn"

The Dodgers leaving Vero Beach is the final severing of the umbilical cord with Brooklyn" according to Vin Scully.
"I understand it was an economic decision, especially in regard to TV revenue and everything," says Peter O'Malley, who grew up in Dodgertown, frolicking in the fields with many of those ghosts before succeeding his father as Dodgers owner from 1979 to 1998. "But it's not a move we could ever have made," says O'Malley, no irony intended. "We'd have figured out another way to make up for those revenue losses."


"Living in those barracks was quite an experience," says Scully. "I'll never forget my first spring, in 1950, when I arrived there a scared kid broadcaster. There was a guy they called 'Cowboy' who was the Western Union operator and they put me in a little bedroom off his office that had two cots in it. Whenever there was an out-of-town sportswriter who'd had too much to drink, the Dodgers would put him in the cot next to me. I didn't do too much sleeping that first year with all the snoring going on next to me.

"But over the years, I roomed with (famed Dodgers scout Al) Campanis and Durocher. One night when Leo and I were in our room, Alston was awakened by (Larry) Sherry and Sandy (Koufax) laughing and giggling, going up the stairs. Annoyed that they'd broken curfew, Alston started pounding on their door and he hit the door so hard he broke his '55 championship ring! Leo and I just lay there in the dark listening to Alston raging at the two players."

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