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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Report: Dodgers Interested In Huston Street, Bobby Crosby

A report in the San Francisco Chronicle says that the Dodgers have been scouting the A's in recent weeks, and are interested in Huston Street with Takashi Saito's injury. The same piece speculates that they also might be interested in Bobby Crosby for similar reasons (Rafael Furcal's extended absence).

Update: This Jon Heyman piece at Sports Illustrated also claims both Sox (White and Red) and Brewers might be interested, though heaven only knows why with the former two; the Chisox have Bobby Jenks, Boston has Papelbon. The Brewers on the other hand are tied for third in the NL in blown saves with 17, and could certainly stand to improve their record in that regard; however, it's not clear that Street would represent an upgrade (five blown saves in 22 opportunities).

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Just what the Dodgers need: another SS who's perpetually hurt (didn't he just emerge from the DL?), and whose hitting is questionable (6 for his last 35). Oh, and a closer of questionable reliability whose velocity has declined recently, along with a change in his arm slot.

Gads. Billy Beane will probably wind up with Kershaw, Kemp & La Roche if they make this deal.
I hope Ned has learned from Edwin Jackson. But maybe not.
Boston has Papelbon, and as the series with the Halos showed, thats all they have. They'd probably want Street as an 8th inning bridge to their closer.

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