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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tech: Don't Click "I Accept"! Ed Foster Passes

Ed Who? Ed Foster, for many years Infoworld's columnist who principally wrote on the topic of the newer, abusive, and more widespread contracts of adhesion, more commonly known as clickwrap and shrinkwrap contracts. Typically you cannot even read these prior to buying a piece of software or logging on to a website, but you agree to their terms before purchase/entry. Ed tirelessly pointed out these abusive one-way "contracts" for many years, dating back a decade or more. His son Jeff recently announced his demise on his father's website, gripe2ed.com. I'd like to think that in part, it's been his efforts to shed light on the proposed Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA to its friends and enemies alike) that have prevented its adoption by most state legislatures. Ed, if you're at the gates of Hell, don't click that button that says, "I Accept."

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