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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Scott Boras's Waterloo? Pirates Place First Rounder Pedro Alvarez On Restricted List

I first heard about the Pirates placing first round draft pick Pedro Alvarez on the restricted list ($) this morning when I was listening to the Cubs/Pirates game on XM. (Also available via MLB.com, and in truncated form via AP.) The crux of the matter seems to be this: after Alvarez agreed (apparently verbally) to a $6M signing bonus, the contract was returned and approved by MLB after the 11:15 EDT deadline on August 15, according to the first-year player draft rules. There are several matters here for Scott Boras: Much more good commentary at the BTF thread on this subject.

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glad you picked this for the blog, Rob. Callingit Boras' Waterloo nails it.

He either needs to stand down or he is toast. He crossed well into slime territory with this one.The Bucs statement is solidly written. The fact they are represented by someone who came from the MLB contract office gives it additional credence: the Pirates are standing onthe firm, moral higher ground.

Mr. Alvarez, you just received an education from one of the better universities in this country. It's time to start using it.

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