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Monday, August 18, 2008

So Where Else Was He Gonna Go? Maddux Rejoins Dodgers

The Times and dodgers.com both report that the Padres and Dodgers are near to a deal to get Greg Maddux back with the Dodgers. He's expected to make Tuesday's start at home against Colorado. It's unknown what the Padres will get in return, but if anything has been a constant in the team's late-season dealing, they'll ask the Pads to absorb all his salary and will hand off a better prospect than they otherwise should to get a one and a half month rental.

Update: Rob Neyer ($) thinks the deal may be so the Dodgers can shut down Kershaw early, sending him to the pen perhaps. Jayson Stark confirms the deal has been held up over the name of the PTBNL.

Update: the link to the Times story above has changed.

Because league rules prohibit team officials from discussing players who are on or have cleared waivers, Rawitch and Colletti could not acknowledge that the Dodgers were in talks with the Padres on a potential deal.


The Dodgers will be paying at least a part of the remaining portion of Maddux's contract, making him the first of four trade acquisitions this season whose entire salary isn't being picked up by his former club.

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