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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brian Clevinger Fixes Christina Kahrl's Little (Halo) Red Wagon

I got the following e-mail yesterday:
a small trivial note but after 3 years i've finally left my mark at BP today it appears!

For the previous two years, i sent off one email once a year criticizing BP's Christina Kahrl, a stated A's fan, for her habitual use of calling the franchise "Anaheim Angels" in her Transaction Analysis reports, but to no avail. Uncharacteristic of BP writers, I didn't even get an email in response in correcting her that the franchise was called "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim".

With the advent of the public comments section the past month or so, i tred again last week - again, no response.

After last nights', i column, i repeated my 'protest' again. This time i got a response for her, and replied! And lo and behold, under her column now, "Anaheim Angels" is no longer there! You have to look a little farther down the AL list now, but there it is "Los Angeles Angels"!


Sure enough: before, and after. I wouldn't go so far as to say that Christina's anti-Angels; she's been one of the most reliably pro-Angels writer on staff at BPro. But one must keep up with the times, and I should be interested to see what the A's do once they move to Fremont.


Agreed - Christina offers good objective analysis and her latest playoff roster thoughts mirrored mine and ultimately Scioscia's decisions. She has consistently provided great thoughts on our roster moves, and hopefully the editors at BP finally will follow the "Los Angeles" Angels convention that's been widely followed for years by the mainstream professional baseball media.

There are those that still mock the name. If so, all i'll say today is "MLB 2008 Standings, baby!"

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