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Monday, September 08, 2008

Manny Ramirez, Innovator?

He's probably been called crazier things before:
The Boston Red Sox traded Manny because they couldn't take his shenanigans anymore. Manny has said that he wanted to leave Boston because he was looking for "peace." Jeopardizing a $20 million annual paycheck just to find a little peace? How many of us would have taken that risk? Only the true innovators would dare, because innovators play fearlessly, as if they have nothing to lose.

But as it turns out, the risk has turned into reward for the player. Los Angeles is the perfect place for Manny. L.A. is fun-loving, quirky, and appreciative of the spirit of play. After all, this is the city that's fully embraced innovations such as skateboarding, plastic surgery and martinis.

Meh, whatever, as long as he doesn't shove 60-year-old guys around. Via BTF.



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