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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NYT: Minor Leaguers Warned Of Drug Tests

After Bud Selig said that 24-hour notice on minor league drug tests would be terminated, they continued anyway according to a report in the New York Times, which it claims comes from eight independent sources.
Despite that change, minor league teams still received advance notice of when testing would occur this season, according to eight people who work in the minor leagues.

In recent interviews, four minor league managers, two team trainers, one general manager and one clubhouse attendant said the manager or trainer for their club was called by a tester the day before drug testing was to be done at the ballpark.

None of them said that they knew of any instances when players were told about the tests ahead of time.

However, one Class A manager who said he received a call from a tester during the season, said that if he believed one of his players was “dirty,” he would have been tempted to tell the player that a tester would be coming the next day and that he should try to flush out any drugs from his system.



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