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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pickoff Moves, Lunchtime Edition

And A Tardy Shout-Out To The Sons

... for yesterday's Dodger tickets. I hate to bring this up because I've seen some amazing games on other people's tickets, including the 4+1 game. I've got a hell of a record on other people's tickets, something like 11-3; I'm unfortunately not keeping track of that, but I'm beginning to think I should.

Bob Keisser Salutes George And Rich Lederer

Here's a nice piece in the Long Beach Press-Telegram about George and Rich Lederer, and Rich's always-interesting blog.
"I'm doing something I love, and the advertising I get just covers the cost of running the Web site," he said. "I imagine if I wanted to make a profit off it I could sell it to some media company that wants to buy traffic and readership. But I've never looked it at as anything more than a hobby, an avocation.
Via Jon.

The Mariners' 2009 Rebuilding Job

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. Dead contracts everywhere, and hardly any of them tradeable. Adrian Beltre remains one of the few good players on the team; the Erik Bedard deal was a total nightmare of a bust, Raul Ibanez is a free agent, and on and on.

Wally Joyner Resigns As Padres Hitting Coach

Well, it makes sense; the team has scored the fewest runs of any NL club.
[Joyner's agent Barry] Axelrod said Joyner resigned due to "the frustration level with realizing that his philosophy, his approach, the way he wants to teach hitting just didn't coincide with what they like to see in the organization. He was hoping as time went by that they could somehow coincide or overcome that, but it became evident that was not going to happen."

Spring Training To Expand Six Days

Spring training will be six days longer in 2009 because of the World Baseball Classic. This will be exciting, because it will give pitchers injured in the WBC an opportunity to rehab in meaningless exhibition games later.

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