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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two Games

Now Entering Clinch City Limits: Dodgers 12, Padres 4

Nomar's second home run in as many days was the first of two runs the Dodgers scored in direct answer to the pair the Pads scored off starter Clayton Kershaw in the top of the fourth. That was the last look the Padres really had at the game, as the Dodgers knocked out Shawn Estes in the fourth, and just rolled from there. Their run included an improbably exclamation point of an eighth inning, a six-run frenzy that had just about everybody doing something productive.

Kershaw got the win, one out away from a quality start, and had his stuff working well most of the night; you do wonder what a better offense might do against him, and so perhaps it's best if he's put on the shelf for the postseason.

With a 4-2 Arizona loss to St. Louis, the Dodgers' magic number is one, and if you'd told me they would be on the verge of winning this division at the All-Star break, I'd have sent you to Fairview.

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Garland's Last Stand, Frankie's #62: Angels 6, Mariners 5

Was there any reason to think Jon Garland will be back after this awful performance? Probably not; he's been horribly inconsistent from day one, and it's questionable whether he makes the postseason roster after this.

Mark Teixeira untied the game in the top of the eighth, and Scot Shields did his damndest let the M's tie it up again, but managed to wriggle out of a bases-loaded, one-out situation without a run scoring; that included a strikeout of Ichiro. K-Rod notched his 62nd save, so yay for him.

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Garland will defintely be on the post season roster! (perhaps you meant rotation?). I haven't seen any speculative lists but Jepsen over Speier/Bulger/Loux is one for sure I'd advocate, and also getting Wood on there if there's room (over Rodriguez).

I woulnd't mind seeing Garland back next year, but we definitely should put Sabathia in our sights and prioritize him as 1a. after Tex.

If we don't get CC, bring Garland back, ( granted, a) he's down the priority list, and b) I also admit would have been willing to bring Bart back last year).... who's else to we plug into the rotation if we don't get CC? Not Loux, not Adenhart, not Moseley.
Frankly, I think the Angels' A-#1 priority must be keeping Mark Teixeira, whatever it costs. If it's between him & Sabathia, I'd take Teix in a heartbeat, and hope the team goes after someone like Derek Lowe (say, 3 years, $40 million) instead.
There is something disturbingly Yankee-esque about the way ppl talk about Angels' FA decisions these days. Not that I disagree about looking to retain Teixeira or sign Sabathia, but the casualness of the talk is a bit unsettling.

There will be a lot of FA/options decisions to clear at the end of the season for the Halos--even those who are currently on the roster. Plus, let's not forget that, at least in principle--that is, if his arm hasn't fallen off--we still have Escobar on the payroll. Given the way Brewers have been abusing Sabathia and that everyone will be offering him top dollar for too long, I don't see him as a good investment.
The Dodgers have clinched. Arizona got mauled by the Cardinals today; will the Dodgers have a pre-game champagne fest tonight? Will they come out in the top of the 1st and dogpile on each other?

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