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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Derek Lowe To Sell His Manhattan Beach Home

Looks like Derek Lowe doesn't expect to be in a Dodger uniform next year, as he's put his $5.7M Manhattan Beach home up for sale, according to the Times' L.A. Land blog.


I guess he doesn't expect the Angels to bid on his services, either.

Lowe is probably the 2nd or 3rd best pitcher on the market, after Sabathia (and A.J. Burnett, if he opts out). Someone will probably give him too many years, particularly since he's a Bora$ client. But for three years or less, he'd be a good signing. I could see him pitching for either of the NY teams.
He'll reconsider when he cannot get $4 Million for it...
... and Peavy, assuming any competing club can meet the Padres' demands.
I should have clarified: free agent market.
Steve Henson, formerly of the Times, takes a swipe at some of his colleagues in this piece for Yahoo!, while also noting that ManRam has probably played his last game in Dodger Blue.

That link doesn't work.
I assume you're looking at this.
Yeppers, that's it.

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