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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Goodbye To The Anonymous

Ryan Leahy signed up with the Angels three years ago as a backup middle infielder, and has spent that whole time with Arkansas. Now the Angels have released him:
"What happens to me depends on a number of things, like possible injuries in spring training and openings," Leahy said. "Flores also talked to me about coaching. He (mentioned) the minor league staffs said I'd be a good candidate to coach at some point.

"At the same time, I was told to stay in shape in case they do call me back as a player." Leahy signed with the Angels as a free agent out of Boston College and has been on the Double A roster of the Arkansas Travelers of the Texas League for three consecutive seasons as a utility middle infielder.

"That thing about retirement comes up, but even if I am done it's not like I'm retiring from baseball because I never played. That's the big thing," he said. "I'll never know how well I could have done with the bat because I never had more than 170 at bats (in one season). The average, everyday player will get between 400-450. I signed as a backup and remained a backup.

"I'm happy for someone like (San Diego Padres highly regarded prospect) Matt Antonelli (of Peabody). He got into the right organization; look how quick he moved up. It's also tough if you're a free agent. A lot of the prospects the Angels signed were for big money and they had to pay close attention to their investments."

After a pause, Leahy said, "I'm not saying I got overlooked. These guys are probably better than I was — or ever will be."

It's that time of year, and a lot of other players are in his shoes.



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