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Friday, October 17, 2008

Jay Jaffe On The Dodgers Unexpected, Exhilarating Season

Jay Jaffe writes a nice retrospective on the Dodgers' much-better-than-expected season today in Baseball Prospectus ($). Excerpt:
...[It] was a thrilling ride for the Dodgers, the best they've given their fans in the 20 years since Kirk Gibson and Orel Hershier willed another injury-wracked team past the heavily favored Mets in the NLCS and then the equally heavily favored A's in the World Series. Derided for winning just 84 games, these Dodgers put their strongest team on the field in October, one that over the course of a full season might have been ten wins better than their final record, and one that clearly illustrates that for all the faults of their management—the wasteful contracts dispensed by Ned Colletti, the lineup dickering of Joe Torre—the team's deep reserves of both talent and money can make them a formidable club when they do get it right.



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