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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mariners Fire Scouting Director Bob Fontaine

New Seattle general manager Jack Zduriencik fired scouting director Bob Fontaine, according to the Seattle Times (via USS Mariner via BTF).
In another development, Tony Blengino, Zduriencik's top assistant when he was scouting director in Milwaukee, is expected to join Zduriencik's staff in Seattle.

According to industry sources, the Brewers have agreed to let Zduriencik, who was named Seattle's GM last Wednesday, hire two members of his Milwaukee scouting staff.

Those are expected to be Blengino and Tom McNamara, Milwaukee's East Coast crosschecker and the man credited with scouting and signing Prince Fielder. It is not known yet what positions they will hold in Seattle.

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Rob you should mention that Fontaine was with the Angels in a similar a number of years and signed a number of prominent players. IIRC, the players he drafted were the core of the 2002 WS team.

Sorry i don't have more details nor the inclination to research his career, but readers of this blog might be interested to the Halo connection.
True that.
He was the scouting director for the Angels from 1987-1999, so for starters he gets props for GA, Salmon, and Percy

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