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Sunday, October 05, 2008

OT: A Dogversion From The Diversions

The newest addition to the pack, er, family, we got him at the Long Beach SPCA LA facility yesterday. He's a big fella, weighing in at 85 lbs or so, and gregarious and gentle as can be. They said he was a Rottweiler mix based on his coloring, but we think he's a similarly colored Gordon Setter based on his temperament, with some Labrador Retriever thrown in. We haven't settled on a name yet, though he responds well to his pound name of "Shoop"; we're waiting for something to come to us. Helen wants to call him "Santo" after the Cubs' great third baseman and broadcaster, but I'm not so sure. (Update 10/6: After some deliberation, and due to the fact that it was her dog to name [Foley was also hers], I consented to Santo.) (Update 10/15: We changed again to Romeo, 'cause he's such a lover.)

He's already had his first (expected) scrap with Hannah, our senior dog, who is very dog-aggressive, but age and arf-ritis have mellowed her out some. Unfortunately, he's not house-trained yet, and so we're working on crate training him today. He's already brought one positive to the household, and that is getting Helen to focus on something other than the Cubs' abysmal loss yesterday, something that Al Yellon finally grieved about at BCB this afternoon.

As big and energetic as he is, he's not used to real vigorous exercise; I had hoped to take him with me on my morning runs, but found out that may take a while to work up to. After a mile walk or so at a very slow (Hannah's) pace, we returned to the house, and I took him back out, figuring he needed more. Upon reaching the corner, he sat down and looked up at me as if to say, enough. He's sitting happily in his crate right now, and we got him a squeaky toy to play with later on. He loves to play fetch, and he can't get enough of squeaky toys. He's gonna be a great dog.


Understand you given up on the Angels but hopefully you're watching the end of this long game. Aybar's RBI put the Halos up 5-4. We shall see if it ends up just being another blown one for K-Rod. But as a fan, you have to at least hold out some hope.
Weaver comes through in the 12th. It ain't over, and the Angels live to fight another day, if for no other reason but to give the Tampa Bay Rays some rest. Good luck to you and the Angels Rob.
Congrats on the new dog, Rob. Love the reflection of Indiana Jones in the window!
Look, if we just named out new pound-dog "Aybar" you two are gonna have to do a little better than "Shoop..."
Congrats Rob. I can see why they thought Shoop (or whatever you guys settle on) might have some rottweiler. That was my initial reaction. The best dog I ever played with was a golden lab and I'm sure your new dog is going to be great one.
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Real name: Romeo, 'cause he's such a kisser.

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