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Monday, October 27, 2008

Pickoff Moves

We'll Always Have September, 2008, Manny

Interesting quote by Manny:
Their last drop of goodwill wrung dry, the Red Sox and their brooding star parted ways. It was July 31, 2004, and the newly traded Nomar Garciaparra was headed out the door when Manny Ramírez embraced him and whispered a few words of encouragement in his ear.

Ramírez then turned to reporters and, in a rare moment of public reflection on the cold business of baseball, said, "That's why I never fall in love with one team."

Which is why he isn't (likely) coming back.

MGL Thinks He's Smarter Than Two World Series Managers

And who knows, maybe he is.
By the way, there you have two quintessential examples of both managers’ (poor) style of managing. One likes to think of himself as the unconventional genius, but more often makes the wrong decisions at the wrong times, and the other likes to think of himself as an old-school manager who pretty much does things by "The Book." Unfortunately, the "book" he uses is consistently wrong as well. Not to mention the fact that once Manuel has his mind made up (like batting Utley and Howard back to back) no amount of sound reason or logic is going to change his mind.

Sloppy Work, Logan

Add another black mark to Logan White's mostly sterling reputation: the story of David Price:
The Dodgers drafted Price out of high school, in 2004, even though he and his family had made it clear he would attend Vanderbilt. They took a flier on him in the 19th round, just in case he changed his mind.

"I didn't even know I got drafted," Price said.

Logan White, the Dodgers' assistant general manager for scouting, said Price threw from 88 to 93 mph in high school. He has added about 5 mph to his fastball since then and mastered a terrific slider.

"A lot of teams thought he was good, not just the Dodgers," White said. "I don't think anybody was thinking he would be the No. 1 pick in the draft three years later."

He didn't even know he was drafted? How do you draft someone and not at least call them to let them know?

Other Bullety Stuff

What's In Joe Maddon's Office?

Let's find out...

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