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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bill Plunkett Rates The Angels' Best And Worst Free Agency Signings

The Register has a couple of slide shows up about the Angels' best (topped by Vlad Guerrero) and worst (bottomed (is that a word?) by Mo Vaughn) free agency deals.

Related: Sam A. Miller looks at the Angels' third base situation.

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thanks for the link - I agree with the Top 10, though i'd add an asterisk for #1A - Mike Scioscia.

The Bottom 10 I have issues with. Bart doesn't belong - anyone who lived with the team since Day 1 is thankful for even just one Cy Young/AL West flag. Speiers' career is just half over, so he doesn't belong either (I won't say the same about GMJ though - he's already cemented his spot and will likely continue to sink towards the bottom). And putting Bostock on there is just plain wrong - and I'm aghast he had the audacity to put him as #2.

I'd like to see a comprehensive list of ALL signings - i seem to recall we signed a bunch of Travers clones for a solid decade.
the 3B list is even worse. I found it ironic the photographer of the #1 option is a fellow by the name of "Matt Brown". (a 'Matt Brown' wasn't on that list, but where have I heard that name before??)

one thing is right - Wood needs >500 ABs in 2009 in the AL. And put him at 3B.
Brian: totally agree re: Colon. He was the best FA pitcher available that year, and his signing (along with that of Vlad) signaled that Moreno meant business. I won't even get into the Bostock tragedy; had he lived, I have little doubt that his contract would have seemed like a bargain. Jury's out on Speier, too. And as for the #1 worst, Moo Vaughn, Plunkett is only 1/2 right about his legacy: yes, there's the dugout railings, but the fact is that Vaughn netted Kevin Appier, without whom 2002 might not have happened. Appier was a horse that year, and for the first time I can remember, gave the Halos a credible back of the rotation starter. For anyone who remembered Allen Watson and Pat Rapp, Appier was a godsend.

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