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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

OT: A Thought On The Morning Of A New Day

From Stanley Crouch in the New York Daily News:
We have faced a democratic and unsentimental truth: Not the good, not the mediocre and not the bad can be predicted by skin color, sex, class or any of the other things that we formally used to pretend that we have some inside information on the unknown. We do not.


Our country has become much closer to what it always seemed that it could become when it matured and lost fear of books, science and reason, all of which, as we have also learned, can be misused as thoroughly as anything else.

So it seems to me that whether or not Barack Obama is elected this time around, he has given patriotism a new version of itself, one based on how well and how consistently the country has fought against its imperfections and how and why many of those struggles were successful.



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