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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Robothal: Angels To Give Teixeira A Short Window

The Angels may be putting down their feet against Scott Boras' usual delaying tactics designed to ramp up the prices for his prize free agents:
At what point do the Angels tell Scott Boras to shove it?

OK, that's putting it indelicately, but the Angels' history is to strike quickly in the free-agent market — and Boras, when it comes to cutting deals, isn't exactly Mr. November.

So, as much as the Angels want to retain first baseman Mark Teixeira, they will not engage in protracted negotiations with Boras.

He goes on to suggest that the Dodgers may take the same approach to re-signing Manny.

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One interesting back story developing (courtesy of an NPR story whose link I cannot seem to find at the moment) is that many high income earners (such as professional athletes) want to front load their contracts--and get paid as much as possible in signing bonuses this fiscal year--in anticipation of tax hikes on upper brackets. Interesting incentie structure that could make free agent signings a lot quicker this year.
I had to dig, but I posted a link to that on a Google AP story, downthread. Thanks for reminding me.

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