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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Teixeira Not Too Interested In The Angels?

Randy Youngman:
During Thursday's ESPN telecast of the Georgia Tech-Miami game in Atlanta, Teixeira told sideline reporter Erin Andrews he wants a baseball team for Christmas.

“I don't want to put a timetable on it, but Christmas morning, I want to know where I'm going to be for the next couple of years,” he said. “So hopefully, by Christmas, it will be done.”

Knowing agent Scott Boras' affinity for the big stage, I'm guessing Teixeira's headline-grabbing signing will be announced during baseball's winter meetings Dec. 8-11 in Las Vegas. What better place for the rich to get richer?

But I don't think it will be with the Angels. If he were going to re-sign in Anaheim, I think it already would have happened. Just a gut feeling. Even the people I talk to in the organization don't seem optimistic.

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Good luck to Teixeira, then, if he wants it done by Christmas. He'd better tell that to his agent, who is obviously in no hurry to get a deal done. Putting a deadline on things only hampers Bora$, whose singular goal is to get the most possible money (for his client, and by extension for himself). There's a decent chance that won't happen by Teixeira's deadline unless he applies some pressure to his agent.
Is Randy Youngman someone whose gut instinct you value highly? This blog has always tended to steer clear of treating writer speculation as fact. Why the change?
Regardless if he signs or not - in a "couple of years" (his quote) he will opt out and go for more $$$$ some where else. It's part of the Bora$s plan - his client gets more and more money - but baseball fans lose respect for a player who might opt out at any time. It's a business - but for fans it's hard to get behind someone who might opt out and leave your team hangin'. I want some GAMERS in Anaheim.
I got a gut feeling that Youngman will be part of the next round of OC REGISTER layoffs.
Maxwell -- it's the feeling of the people in the organization that I trust, not him.
Just for you, the interrogation mark.
So was the Moreno talk about liking Manny just talk or plan B? If you're going to have an expensive and old outfielder, you might as well have a productive one.
My feeling was it was just a way to send Boras an early Christmas present, i.e. make the Angels appear they're in a bidding war with their cross-town rivals when they really aren't.
Where in this article does it actually say anything about Teixeira's desire (or lack of desire) to play for the Angels? It's in the headline... and the link title... but he says no such thing in the article. The article's author suggests it... but even then it's with an "I think..."

Fishing for a story not there, I tthink.

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