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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Giants Sign Edgar Renteria For $18.5M/2 Years

The Giants signed shortstop Edgar Renteria on an $18.5M/2 year deal today. (Also via Ken Rosenthal.) Honestly, it's not much of a deal, but I suppose it amounts to a halfway decent upgrade from the clearly done Omar Vizquel, whose .222/.283/.267 line was a woeful reminder of how far he had fallen, and that he really shouldn't be on a major league team as a starter anymore. Renteria hit .270/.317/.382 this year with Detroit, and while that's not great, El Lefty Malo passes on a few-days-old Dave Cameron piece at Fangraphs indicating that the free agent might have a bit of gas left in the tank after all.

Also via MLB.com.

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