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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pickoff Moves

A's Decline Arbitration To Frank Thomas, Other Arbitration Notes

Blue Jays Owner Ted Rogers Dies At 75

Toronto Blue Jays owner Ted Rogers passed away at 75; of a heart condition. He made his fortune in cable TV and cellular telephony, and was the largest provider of both north of the border.

Troy Percival To Undergo Back Surgery

Former Angel closer Troy Percival will undergo back surgery, and is expected to be throwing off a mound by spring training.

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it's a stark difference between the two NL West rivals DBacks and Dodgers and their public revelation of their financial state. The D-Backs have been very forthcoming about their finances - laying off 25 front office employees, admitting they can't even take R. Johnson back at a 50% discount, and now Dunn.

And on the other hand, the Dodgers smoke and mirrors, bait and switch has been well chronicled on this blog.
I maintain that we can't complain about what the McCourts do until they do it. If the Dodgers fail to make a significant free agent signing this offseason, it certainly appears that the Colletti-era free agency decisions have indeed hamstrung the team, and are limiting their flexibility elsewhere. There is a strain of thought that says the McCourts didn't offer arbitration to some of their free agents because of the possibility that they might accept, and/or that they would the team might draft high -- and then be expected to pay the going rate for such picks.
If i'm ever one trial, I'd love for you to be on my jury - LOL!
But you are correct, this is America - so innocent until Spring Training!

Perhaps you may be thinking the McCourts have watched 'A Christmas Carol' and will have a sudden change of heart? There's one difference though even if Frank and Jamie had some night time 'visitors' - Scrooge had money to do something; it's obvious by now the McCourts don't.

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