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Friday, December 05, 2008

Sabathia Hoping For A Bid From The Angels?

So goes the speculation in the New York Times, anyway:
Sabathia and his agent, Greg Genske, have made no public comments lately. Genske has kept a low profile since taking over Jeff Moorad’s agency when Moorad left to run the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2004. Sabathia is the most prominent free agent Genske has represented; he was fired in February by Manny Ramírez, who hired Scott Boras.

The presence of Boras looms over Sabathia, too, because of another Boras client: Mark Teixeira, the free-agent first baseman for the Los Angeles Angels.

Teixeira is seeking a 10-year contract worth $200 million, and Boras often waits until deep into the winter before making a deal. If the Angels sign Teixeira to a new contract — as they insist they are trying to do — they would probably not sign Sabathia. But if Teixeira leaves, the theory goes, they may.

That seems unlikely, especially after the Angels offered salary arbitration to starter Jon Garland, who may well take it after a poor second half of the 2008 season. But the hope of an overture from the Angels, apparently, explains Sabathia’s delay.

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I am definitely hoping that Angels do NOT sign Sabbathia. He's one of the most abused pitchers and he will not be worth the money, even for the teams that really need pitching help. Angels need hitting much more than pitching.
that we need hitting more than picthing is that same mantra gets repeated every winter. and its not true. Lester (2008) and Beckett (2007) were the differnce makers in the playoffs.

Led by Lackey the last two years, we could NOT shut down the Red Sox. And to win, we have to shut down a team.

Tex is a must to sign, not doubt, and I'm not saying Sabathia is the answer, but we can NEVER have enough pitching. If we get Tex back, it's a crapshoot - what really would be the difference from the 2008 version that lost in the first round? Hope Howie shows up? No - we grab CC if we can get him, and do everything we can still to get Tex back.

If you want 2009 to be any different, we'll have to have Peavy or Sabathia.
I'll put it this way: I wouldn't be disappointed by an offseason where we signed Sabathia and Teix went elsewhere*.

*elsewhere != Boston.

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