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Monday, February 09, 2009

Cardinals Waive Adam Kennedy

Via David Pinto, the AP reports that the Cardinals have waived Adam Kennedy. I really didn't think his deal was a good idea at the time for the Cards, and while he bounced back in 2008 from an abysmal 2007, it seems the Cards aren't interested in keeping a guy who can probably be pretty cheaply replaced, and is likely to have significant injury problems going forward.

Update: The AP story has been updated and mentions that former Dodger prospect Joe Thurston is among those likely to win the starting job at second base, although it's more likely that Felipe Lopez, who got playing time ahead of Kennedy last year, is most probable. (Update 2: Lopez is apparently no longer with the Cards, and in fact signed with Arizona this offseason.)

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Felipe Lopez signed a contract with the D'Backs in the off season.
Fixed above.

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