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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pickoff Moves

Howie Kendrick's A Dad

Howie Kendrick's son Owen Howard arrived on Christmas, so naturally we're hearing about it now ...
“It was the craziest thing,” Kendrick said in a telephone interview from his home in Arizona, after working out to get ready for spring training. “It’s the one day you don’t want to have your birthday on, because you hear kids get cheated by having their birthday on Christmas.”

New Angels Fan Blogger At The Register

Ellen Bell introduces herself, and OMG grew up a Cubs fan? Amazing. Her blog is called The Afternoon Angel; sidebar links coming.

The 4+1 Game Aired Sunday, And All I Got Was This Closed Caption

I saw the 4+1 game was being rerun on Sunday, and fortunately got in at just before the good part. What killed me was the captions -- I could not get them to go away. Surprisingly, this wasn't the cable company's fault, but (I suspect) Denon's, the maker of my AV amp (which I slagged for its awful remote). Magical things happen and there's not always a menu item where something can be fixed, so I watched the entire freaking sequence of four home runs with closed captioning over the players' faces.

Roster Notes

Angels To Honor Preston Gomez With A Patch

The Angels will honor former coach Preston Gomez with a uniform patch, according to Michael Becker at the Press-Enterprise. (Also at MLB.com and the Times, but unfortunately, with no pictures.)

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Preston Lopez?

I wouldn't honor Preston Mattingly with a half-price off coupon to Burger King.
Not that I'm any better - I meant Preston GOMEZ.
D'oh! Fixed.
Gomez, Rob....

Just FYI...
0-and-2 for the day. Sheesh.

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