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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pickoff Moves

Sandy Alderson Bails As Jeff Moorad Takes Over As Padres CEO

Via BTF, Sandy Alderson has resigned from the Padres as Jeff Moorad takes over as team CEO. John Moores will stick around as majority owner for a while until the divorce can be completed.

Interesting rumor from the comments: Alderson might end up with the Cubs organization.

Angels Start Making Serious Roster Cuts

Rotoworld reports it's
Angels reassigned 2B Ryan Mount, RHP Sean O'Sullivan, RHP Jordan Walden, INF Adam Pavkovich, C Hank Conger, C Ben Johnson, OF Peter Bourjos, OF Bradley Coon, OF Chris Pettit, SS Andrew Romine and SS Hainley Statia to minor league camp.

Rangers Cut Donnelly

The Rangers cut ex-Angel Brendan Donnelly, who gave up five runs in six appearances on 13 hits and a walk while striking out five.
"I didn't see this one coming," Donnelly said. "Basically I don't know if the out-date came into play. We were going to talk to them this morning about extending it. I thought I was throwing the ball pretty good. I gave up a couple of runs but I was told not to walk anybody and I didn't.

"I came in there and pounded the zone. Spring Training is a process, each day you work on something and then you put the final package together at the end. I thought I've thrown the ball better than I have the past couple of years."

John Lackey Might Not Start Opening Day

Looks like elbow tightness might keep John Lackey off the mound on opening day. Also: the Angels and Lackey are at an impasse over contract negotiations, as Lackey is said to be after a 5-year, $80-90M deal.

Ervin Santana Could Miss All Of April

In the above story, Santana might miss all of April from a sprained elbow.

Advertisers Love MLB Network; Ad-Free Next?

Shawn Hoffman asks:
According to the New York Times, advertisers are falling in love with the MLB Network. Despite the bad economy and a nationwide ad slump that is killing one old media company after another, MLBN is expected to hit its sales goals for the first quarter. That's not entirely surprising; big companies swear by sports marketing, citing desirable audiences and huge ROIs. But what the Times article doesn't mention is that advertising is only a small piece of MLBN's business, accounting for about one-quarter of the network's $200 million in projected revenue. In fact, it's entirely possible that MLB Advanced Media will do twice as much in ad sales this year, which seems like a very backwards split (analog dollars are supposed to turn into digital pennies, after all).
It's the cable subscriber fees that make the difference. MLB Network's ad revenue is just gravy.

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