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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pickoff Moves

THT Limns Branch Rickey's Pirates Career

A great THT series by Steve Treder in three parts about Branch Rickey's post-Dodgers career with the Pirates. There'll be a part 4 tomorrow.

Jon's Five Questions At THT

Jon already linked to this; worth reading as always.
How far can this team go?

As far as their trainers can take them. Healthy, the Dodgers boast one of the best batting orders in baseball and a more-than-adequate starting rotation. When the worst thing you can say about a team is its No. 5 starter/middle relief might be a problem—well, look around and try pointing out how many teams don’t have that problem, particularly in the NL. A World Series prediction might be foolhardy, but the possibility of having Ramirez, Rafael Furcal and an improving Kershaw for full seasons ought to mitigate many of the concerns that this can’t be as good a team as the one that was two innings away from tying the 2008 NL Championship Series at two games apiece.

Oh, snap

A Frightening Look At What Curveballs Can Really Do

In a Halos Heaven post about pitching, these very disturbing x-rays came from a young pitcher who shattered his arm throwing a curveball. Let's be careful out there.

A's Expect Trevor Cahill To Make 2nd Start Against Angels

A's pitcher Trevor Cahill will start their second game against the Angels this season, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. He has pitched only six starts above single-A. Shockingly, he's a righty.

Tigers Release Gary Sheffield

Via Jon above, the Tigers have released Gary Sheffield. Sheffield is currently at 499 home runs and is owed $14M on the second year of a two-year deal.

Koyie Hill Once More Cubs' Backup Backstop

The Cubs tapped Koyie Hill to be the team's reserve catcher. It'll be the third time in the last three years the ex-Dodger prospect has gotten to work behind the dish for the Tiny Bears. That he is even playing is miraculous considering his fingers were sawed off in a woodshop accident.

THT: Nick Adenhart By Pitch/FX

If this is any indication, Nick Adenhart is likely in some trouble, as all his offerings appear to be fairly undifferentiated from one another. Also, he needs an out pitch against lefties. Of course, this data was from his disastrous and brief 2008 major league campaign, so your mileage may vary.

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