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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Plaschke Steals MSTI's Gag Line

In today's column:
"Are you saying you're sorry?"

Are you sorry for showing up at spring training looking like a blue manatee? Sorry for not working hard enough to fix that weight? Sorry for ripping the fans who booed you for that weight? Sorry for asking to be put on the disabled list so you could disappear from those boos?

Funny, I coulda sworn I'd heard that before... where was it now? Oh, yeah.

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HAH! I hadn't caught that. Good one, Rob.
Shame Bill Plaschke, shame.

You should send him a bill via email.
I don't know if it's a compliment, or an insult, that Plaschke has obviously swiped MSTI's idea. Maybe MSTI should swipe Plaschke back, stating that it's unsurprising that Plaschke would steal a metaphor without credit. Unsurprising that he would have to resort to Dodger blogs for ideas. Unsurprising that it reflects his lack of original thought. Unsurprising that he doesn't give credit. Unsurprising that he wrote it in the first place. Unsurprising. Unsur. Un. U.

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