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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Training, Day 6: Cubs 5, Padres 3

With Rich Harden scratched from a flu virus, this game immediately became that much less interesting, but Mitch Atkins, a highly-regarded pitching prospect in the Cubs organization, went two frames and somehow — despite giving up a two-out, two-run homer in the first — managed zero earned runs.

It's hard to know how close to a finished lineup the Padres trotted out there; aside from the absence of Adrian Gonzalez, there's almost nobody in that lineup who can hit, though they gave it a good shot against the lesser lights of the Cubs pitching staff. For their part, the Padres were entirely happy to let their B-squad pitching stay in the game for an extended look (Kevin Correia in particular, despite a four-run battering, continued pitching into the fifth).

Corey Koskie, whom we saw earlier in the week, apparently injured himself in play and is considering retiring; concussions sustained in 2006 will make that an easy decision, likely. Al Yellon passes along a WGN report that the Cubs are going to cut 10 players on Monday, so things are shaping up.

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