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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Angels Call Up Dan Davidson, Place Moseley On 15-Day DL

Per Bill Plunkett.

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they oughta bring up Reckling and Walden and sent down Bulger and Jepsen. And i don't know if you caught the note in the Times, but our starters lead the league in ERA so its hard to cast blame at them for increasing the BP's load.
too early to panic, but it's OK to be PO'd and throw some new kids out there. I certaintly don't share the pessimism you and Seitz do, but i'm ticked.
There was almost no room for error when the season started. Once the rotation collapsed from injury/death, that was that.
again, we lead the league in starter's ERA - the SP rotation on the field did not collapse - far from it. i think to say they are at fault for putting additonal burden on the bullpen is a bit nit-picky in the big picture and absolves a portion of the BP's blame. To me, its all on the 'pen and they can dump some of them back to SLC now. The way the starters have performed should be without any criticism whatsoever, especially considering the circumstances.
I realize that, Brian, but what you're not taking into account here is that you've got Moseley and Oliver pressed into service in the rotation, where the plan at the start of the season is that Moseley might even be at AAA (best case) and Oliver would be in the bullpen. The starting rotation has been good at the expense of the bullpen.

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