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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Brian Fuentes, Non-Closer: A's 6, Angels 4

But there's more to it than just that. See also. And then there's the Figgins miscue in the 8th, throwing home when he shoulda gone for the sure out at first. And then late-inning sub GMJ losing a ball in the lights in left. Or something. And Napoli fighting with Fuentes for a swinging bunt in the ninth, and neither of them getting it. Ugh.

Nick Adenhart had a great game, probably his best in the majors to date, but the Angels bullpen let him down. He was in line for his second major league win, too. Bummer.

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I don't know. I followed the couple goofs over at Halos Heaven who echoed Steve Physioc in trying to pin this one on Figgins, and it sounds like a lot of gasbagging to me.

15 hits and 4 BBs from Angel pitching. 4 hits and 1 leadoff BB from Fuentes. Two flubbed plays from Naps and an I-could-care-less trot from GMJ on the final out. It's a little hard to hold Figgins to account for the next six runs after he made his throw and Naps let it dribble out his glove.
FanGraphs knows who lost the game.

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