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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Glove Story: Mariners 3, Angels 2 (10 Innings)

The natural impulse is to bitch about Scot Shields' throwing away the game in the tenth, and it's a fair cop as far as it goes. Shields -.274 WPA certainly caught Fangraphs' attention:

Graph hosted at and courtesy of fangraphs.com.

But shortly behind all that was the team stranding 11 baserunners, and above all of them Mike Napoli with a -.267 WPA, mostly for hitting into an inning-ending, two-out force out in the tenth. Howie Kendrick stranded five base runners, and you can't let the other team off the hook like that.

Yahoo boxMLB.com recap

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Yesterday's game reminded me of this one:
That's the fourth or fifth time this short season that the Angels got zilch outa the bases loaded (that I'm aware about).

Bill in S.G.

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