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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Infamous Angel: Angels 4, Tigers 3

Last night before I went to sleep,
My knees dropped to the floor.
I turned me eyes up to the sky,
And I prayed: "Please help me, Lord.
You know I've sowed my wild oats,
And now the fun's all gone."
And then I heard these tender words,
And I put them in my song:

"Infamous Angel, come on home,
To someone who loves you,
And knows you needed to roam.
Grab your things, a ticket's waiting,
At the bus depot:
For: 'Infamous Angel, Destination: Home'."

&mdash Iris DeMent, "Infamous Angel"
Gary Matthews, Jr. drove the game-winning run in this one, a game-winning double with two outs in the eighth. That says probably too much about the kind of offensive game the Halos have been operating lately: too dependent on Torii Hunter, who got yet another solo homer today.

Jered Weaver got roughed up a bit in the early going, but settled down late; he's become the de facto team ace, like it or not, one of the last two starters standing in what David Cameron called "a decade's worth of adversity" in a single month. For one game, that adversity wasn't to bear. That's all you've gotta manage, for now.

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