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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two Games

And Just Like That, The Angels Lose Two Of Their First Three Series: Mariners 11, Angels 3

Once Weaver gave up the back-to-back homers to Endy Chavez (!) and Ken Griffey, Jr. to lead off the fifth, I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach about this game, and sure enough I was right. Kevin Jepsen and Jason Bulger were once again bad and awful (Bulger gave up three runs without making an out, giving up a grand slam to Ichiro, f'r chrissakes).

And to add to the stupidity, everyone was wearing the number "42". Dammit, Bud, can we end this nonsense, please?

I was thinking this team had the possibility of being a replay of 2006. I could be wrong about that. 2003 might be in sight.

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Vinny Invokes The "K" Word: Dodgers 5, Giants 4

And of course that word would be "Koufax", uttered as Clayton Kershaw was mowing down Giant after Giant, thirteen to be exact, giving up only one run on a solo homer to Bengie Molina in the top of the second. I missed a good bit of this game — heck, I missed a good bit of both of these games, because I was flipping between radio channels on my way home and there's no such thing as picture-in-picture for radio... sure San Francisco isn't the best offense, but Kershaw sure had his way with them.

In that sense, the walk off walk to James Loney in the ninth was inversely fitting. Whenever that happens, I recall Adrian Beltre's walk-off walk against the Royals, June 3, 2003; which, in fact, was the last time the Dodgers have had that happen. Good times.

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