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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two Games

Rocks Shock Kershaw: Rockies 10, Dodgers 4

Kershaw had nothing, or little; he walked two batters in the third, and then gave up a home run to the next batter each time. So the game; Jason Marquis outdueled Clayton Kershaw, Kershaw failing to find snap on his curveball, or command on his fastball.

With games against the Rocks, I always find myself split whenever Troy Tulowitzky comes to the plate, for I saw him as a college player, and thrill to hear the chants of "Tu-lo" coming from thirty thousand instead of three thousand. He's hitting below .200 now, and in the second year of a big deal, it's got to be chafing him. I wish him better luck now that the Dodgers are out of town.

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Weaver Salvages One: Angels 8, Mariners 0

I opted to stay away from the park for an entire weekend, missing all but Friday's game of the homestand. It's something I haven't done in forever, especially since I became a season ticket holder. That's too bad, especially since Howie Kendrick used this opportunity to bust out of a season-opening slump in a big way, 3-for-5 with a homer, and Juan Rivera going yard, too. The Weav even went through seven innings on 95 pitches, which for him amounts to a revelation.

Update: I should also mention Brandon Wood getting his first start of the season, going 1-for-4. Also, with their seventh win, the Angels miss having the worst month in franchise history:

| month   | w    | l    |
| 1961-06 |   12 |   22 |
| 1964-05 |   10 |   22 |
| 1980-06 |    6 |   21 |
| 1999-08 |    8 |   21 |
| 1968-08 |   13 |   21 |
Update 2: Actually, this is not true, as (1) the Angels can't possibly lose 22 games this month since there are only 21 scheduled for the month, and (2) the numbers presented previously were incorrect. The corrected numbers are given above. Also, the Angels surpassed their worst win total for a single month with 15 or more games played when they beat Detroit last Thursday.

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Wood got robbed of a double by the umpire (hit the guy in the leg), reached on an error which might not have been touched at all with anyone but Beltre at third, and got similarly robbed on a third laser at Beltre. He went 1-4, but could just have easily gona 3-4 with 3 doubles.

He needs to start a couple games in a row.
I noticed also that Figgy was out of the lineup since Wood was playing third. Not the best scenario, but I wouldn't mind seeing Figgins at short if it came to it, though I can also see a case for letting him go after this season because of the nature of his skill set.

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