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Friday, April 10, 2009

A Word On Rescheduling The A's Game

Looking at the schedule, the Angels won't see the A's again at home until the last week of August (8/28-8/30), and again in the fourth week of September (9/25-27). The obvious days off this game could be played on — Thursday, Aug. 27 or Thursday, Sep. 24 — are between homestands, so the Angels wouldn't have to give up a travel day for a makeup game, fortunately. However, scheduling the makeup game for September 24 would mean the Halos would have to play almost three weeks straight without a day off (they start with Boston on the 15th and end at Oakland 10/4). That means the best thing for the Angels would be Aug. 27. The A's would then probably reschedule their Aug. 26 game at Seattle as a getaway day game (currently set as a night game), but because the travel doesn't include time zone changes, the scheduling should work fairly well.

Thanks to Helen for pointing this out.

Update: In that scenario, the A's would have to play 9/21 through 10/6 straight, a total of 17 games — a long stretch but not unheard of.

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