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Friday, May 01, 2009

$180M And We Get To Be Near Our Families?

Bill Plunkett is still trying to sell the idea that Mark Teixeira's wife was the driver in his decision to become a Yankee:
“I had the best 2 ½ months of my career in Anaheim,” the Yankees first baseman said before Thursday’s game. “I loved living out there, being out there. But in the end, my family being on the East Coast, my wife’s family being on the East Coast was the biggest factor. I get to see my parents every week I’m home. They get to see their grandkids and that’s pretty special.”


“Yeah, I’m a businessman, too,” he said. “In the end, the Yankees made the best offer and it was the best situation for my family. I had the same conversation with the guys in Boston – it’s absolutely nothing against Boston, nothing against L.A. I loved the organization – (Angels manager Mike) Scioscia, (Angels owner) Arte (Moreno). They were first class, top to bottom. “But when you’re talking about your family’s happiness – your wife and kids being happy is more important than your personal desires.”

I really can't blame Teixeira here: you're talking about the top offer and getting to spend time with your respective families. That's a powerful draw.

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Respectfully, that's a load. Teixiera is a weasel however you look at the situation, but the bottom line is, the Angels were never given a chance to make a counter-offer to the Yanks'.

I don't begrudge anyone getting top dollar for his efforts, but that's not what this whole pas de deux with Teixeira was about. It was about getting the most he could out of the Yanks, period. And even if he did all this to please his wife, he's a weasel for using her and the kids as scapegoats.

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