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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dempster Turns The Tables On The Dodgers: Cubs 7, Dodgers 0

There's something symmetric about this series so far; the Dodgers won the first game 2-1, and lost the second one 2-1, with James Loney famously picking up a golden sombrero in yesterday's contest. Today, the Dodgers are getting some payback for last year's embarrassing postseason loss, one in which Ryan Dempster walked seven Dodgers; the Cubs have a run on the board for every one of those walks, touching up Eric Stults hard. Stults only lasted three innings, pitching to two batters in the fourth, walking Bobby Scales and then giving up an RBI triple to Mike Fontenot, currently halfway to a cycle. Jeff Weaver was scarcely better, loading the bases, walking in a run, and giving up another on a double play. Dempster had the Dodgers looking mighty confused at the plate, and for the first time all season, the Dodgers have had a really rough game.

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