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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dodgers Worried About Going The Pen Early?

Ned Colletti thinks the Dodgers are going to the bullpen too often and early, and thus he's on the lookout for starting pitching that can get him through six or seven innings more consistently. Dodger starters are averaging 5.64 innings per start; how does that stack up to other teams in the NL?
Team  IP/GS
 CIN   6.22
 STL   6.07
 PIT   6.07
 SFG   5.98
 CHC   5.98
 ARI   5.95
 ATL   5.94
 MIL   5.86
 NYM   5.85
 SDP   5.77
 COL   5.75
 LAD   5.64
 PHI   5.52
 WSH   5.52
 FLO   5.48
 HOU   5.42
The Dodgers are down near the bottom of the league and in the second half for sure; a burned-out bullpen seems a possibility, especially in the second half. Getting Hiroki Kuroda back (and he's well on his way with a strong rehab start yesterday) will help.


Beat me to it, I started to work on this last night. I also started to look at how many pitchers are being used and the Dodgers seem to be averaging close to 4 pitchers a game. That needs to be cut down.
Yeah, the ironic part was I started at B-Ref on the individual pitcher pages, then I realized -- duh, splits by team*starter are available in one shot on ESPN.

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